Produced by "Arts&Rights"Written and directed by Andriy Lytvynenko & Tetiana Dorodnitsyna
Release in 2023

Documentary FeatureUkraine Length 90 min In Post Production

While Putin is preparing a full-scale invasion and the Ukrainian government, pressed by Western partners, is trying to negotiate with Kremel and peacefully manage a conflict, only a small part of Ukrainian society understands the whole danger of Russian aggression. Mykytenko family is among those people, father and daughter who took part in the Revolution of Dignity and later in military actions on Donbass.

For the Mykytenko family, the struggle for freedom and independence of Ukraine is a family affair. Mykola, a historian by profession, realizes the danger of Russian aggression long before the whole world talks about it, in order to wake up an inert society, he goes to the extreme form of protest - commits self-immolation. His daughter Yulia experiences the death of her husband on the front line and later death of her father, she is discharged from the army, but then eventually returns to the service at the time of the full-scale invasion. This is a complex and multi-layered story about passionate people who see things that most of society prefers to ignore, but who are the first to stand up for their community and are willing to sacrifice a lot for a society that usually doesn't understand them. The film is laced with the premonition of a great war dominating in the veteran community. As the story unfolds, Yuliia gradually realizes and accepts her father’s act.


CastMykytenko family
CrewProducer Oksana Ivantsiv Director | Director of Photography Andriy Lytvynenko Co-director |Editor Tetiana Dorodnitsyna