WAR 3.0

Produced by "SILESIA FILM" | "ALTERHIST SPÓŁKA Z O.O" | "DIM filmhouse"Written and directed by Andrzej Dolnjak
Release date 2024

Feature Film | FictionPoland Length 100 minIn Post Production

"The world we knew will never be the same again"

  War 3.0 will show fictional heroes woven into events related to the war in Ukraine.The main characters are Sonia (Ukrainian, works at the Theater) and Henryk (Pole, Miner Engineer) are a young couple living permanently in Zabrze, Poland. They decide to visit Sonia's parents who live in Ukraine near the Russian border. Sonia is pregnant, they will have a son in a few months. 
The joyful atmosphere of a family meeting at Sonia's parents' home is interrupted by the outbreak of the war.Sonia and Henryk are trying to escape back to Poland.


Ukrainian CrewSound Mykyta PavlovPost Production SupervisorsKaterina Fedoseyeva Mykyta PavlovPost Production AssistantSasha PavlenkoSound Coordinator Dmytro TerokhinEditing Vlad ShcherbachenkoDigital ColoristAndrii OrlykCheck and EndnotesOleksii MyronchenkoDelivery MasterDenys OvsyannikovFoleyAndrii DuzenkoFoley EditorDanylo BabiakFoley MixerOleh TarasenkoAssistant Producer Darya Padenko
CastAlisa VoznesenskaEugeniusz MalinowskiSvyatoslav SuprunovAndrii RogoznyiAndrii LubomirskiAlla MurinaTatiana KlymenkoOleksandr IniutochkinNikita John CreaghOleksandr BondarenkoOther rolesAndrii RadovPawel SosnaBogdan Zakharchenko
All CastMaciej KaczorAlisa VoznesenskaEugeniusz MalinowskiŚwiatosław SuprunowAndrey RoghozyiAndrii LubomirskiAlla MurinaOleksandr InyutochkinNikita John CreaghAndrzej KroczyńskiJarosław KarpukAleksander BondarenkoTatiana KlymenkoDawid DziębowskiJulia Abratanska
CrewCameraJan BudzowskiEdgar GrischukJakub LenartowiczLesław KaznowskiJakub LenartowiczEditingOlivier RurkaMusic Lesław KaznowskiSteadicam-OperatorNikita John CreaghProducersAndrej DolniakKrzysztof RurkaAlisa VoznesenskaEric Holland

"The war in Ukraine is a fight for the freedom of all of Europe. That's why I believe that everything should be done to help...."

"Our production participates in the Worked On In Ukraine program. We support Ukrainian talents and their film industry during the war. "

Andrzej Dolnjak | WAR 3.0 | Director / Writer | Poland