Produced by "DIM filmhouse"Written by Tom Schildberg
Release date 2024

Feature Film | Fiction Germany | PolandLength 110 min In Pre Production

It was supposed to be just a simple road trip from Berlin to the border of war-torn Ukraine. They were just going to help an old friend illegally leave Ukraine to avoid being drafted to the front. Little did they know that this trip would change everything.

The war in Ukraine has been raging for three months when pacifist teacher Paul (34), and his Ukrainian wife Iryna (35) receive a phone call from their son's estranged biological father, who needs their help evading military draft. As they set off in Paul’s ailing 1984 Mercedes, they are accompanied by hot-headed Ukrainian Soifa (22) and on their journey, they meet people who are involved with the war in different ways and hold views that challenge their points of view. 


CrewDirector Tom SchildbergDirector of PhotographyJohn McClellan
ProducersAlisa VoznesenskaTom Schildberg