Produced by UP-UAWritten and directed by Volodymyr Khomko
Release date 2023-2024

Documentary FeatureUkraineLength 90 minIn Production

14 people spend a year at the research station, which is located in the extreme conditions of Antarctica. This environment has a great impact on the physical and psychological state of the researchers, while they are doing research on the impact of humanity on this environment.

Isolation from the world and Antarctica's extreme conditions strongly affect a person's physical and psychological state. In the first months, everyone gets closer and learns more about each other, but later conflicts appear. Will people be able to work with each other for such a long period of time and do research on the nature of Antarctica, which has suffered a lot of damage in the past centuries and continues to feel the influence of humanity even further?


CastUkrainian team of Antarctic station
CrewDirector | Director of PhotographyVolodymyr KhomkoProducer Polina HermanCreative producer Dmytro Hreshko

“I am very pleased that you want to support Ukrainian cinema. This is very important for us, because now I personally faced the fact that I turned to many International producers with proposals for partnership and received an answer - ‘that they are already making a film about Ukraine but without Ukrainians’. Therefore, your idea and strategy are excellent for us!” 

Polina Herman | UP-UA | Producer | Ukraine