Produced by "UP-UA"Written and directed by Dmytro Hreshko
Release date 2023-2024

DocumentaryUkraineLength 70 minIn Production

Documentary film about the catastrophic impact of the Russian war on the ecological state of nature in Ukraine

With the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russia, the state of Ukrainian nature is deteriorating catastrophically. Thousands of kilometres of mutilated land, poisonous rivers, mined fields and forests. Wild and domestic animals abandoned by humans are on the verge of survival. The infinite scale of the tragedy with no hope of a quick solution.
This is a journey from the harmonious life of nature, to the fiery vortex of war, which burns the earth, forests and all living things. With the onset of spring, nature recovers and brings new life among animals, despite irreparable destruction. But the infinite scale of the tragedy does not give hope for a quick restoration of nature and cleaning it from the remnants of war.


CastNature of Ukraine
CrewProducer Polina HermanDirector | Director of PhotographyDmytro HreshkoEditor Mykola Bazarkin

“I am very pleased that you want to support Ukrainian cinema. This is very important for us, because now I personally faced the fact that I turned to many International producers with proposals for partnership and received an answer - ‘that they are already making a film about Ukraine but without Ukrainians’. Therefore, your idea and strategy are excellent for us!” 

Polina Herman | UP-UA | Producer | Ukraine