Produced by Denys VorontsovDirected by Dmyrto Mogilenets
Release date 2023

Documentary featureUkraineLength 90 minIn Post Production

“The film explores the activities of Kharkiv artists during the Russian-Ukrainian war a crucial turning point between the past and the future. The film protagonist, artist Kostiantyn Zorkin Interacts with his colleagues on topics that all Ukrainians are concerned with nowadays.”
The film also raises several important questions: How can we be helpful during this war?What should an artist do in the time of war - art or defence of the country? How to reflect on mental and cultural ties with the Soviet past and the aggressor? What to do with the artistic material heritage of the last century? What the Ukrainian culture's future should be? If not an artist, who should seek answers to these questions?


Director Dmyrto MogilenetsProducer Denys Vorontsov