Produced by "Real Stories Production"Directed by Ksenia KravtsovaWritten by Inokentii Vyrovyi

Documentary Feature | BiopicUkraineLength 120 minIn Post Production

Oleksandr Glyadyelov is an internationally recognized Ukrainian master of photography, documentarian and artist who can tell a whole story with a single black-and-white photograph, a deeply emotional story that is impossible to ignore.
Over the three decades of Glyadyelov's career, our country has come a long way - from the collapse of the Soviet Union to today's terrible war for the freedom of Ukrainians, for their right to determine their own future. This film is a story about the great photographer Oleksandr Glyadyelov, about his inner world, what drives him, about his work. And it is a story about all of us, about Ukrainians.


CastOleksander GlyadyelovMatvey Vaisberg Jurgen KreftnerVictoria IvlevaPriest Oleksander Chumakov (died in 2022)Andriy Slavutskyi
CrewDirector Ksenia KravtsovaWriter / Producer Inokentii VyrovyiDirector of Photography Vladyslav Nechiporenko

“The world has now been watching the events in Ukraine for a year. It would seem that there is nothing new to learn about this war? But living inside the events gives a completely different experience. Daily danger, daily rage, daily human losses, daily hope... And collectively all the people around you who feel exactly the same every day.”

“Thank you for the ""Worked On In Ukraine"" initiative! It is extremely important to see the war, our world through our Ukrainian eyes, to give a voice to people who transform their own experiences into creativity. We have something to tell the world!”

Ksenia Kravtsova | Glyadyelov | Director | Ukraine