Produced by "435 Films" | "Big Hand Films" | "Lehmann Sisters"Written and directed by Daria Onyschenko
Release date 2023

Feature Film | BiopicUkraine | SwitzerlandLength 90 minIn Post Production

What is hidden behind the “Black Square”, which was painted in 1915 by the obsessive artist Kazymyr Malevych? For his rivals, they believe "fraud", for the Soviet regime a secret code, for one woman a love letter. However for the people of Ukraine, there lies a prophecy...

Ukraine, 2022. Soviet Union, 1915-1932.
Summer 2022, eastern Ukraine. Not far from the frontline, where the full-scale Russian invasion on Ukraine has been taking place, Russian troops are advancing. Solomya, a twenty-year-old graphic designer, is impatiently waiting for her boyfriend Sashko (25) to return from the front-line and spend a few days with her. She is overjoyed when she finally sees him. They both cannot wait to passionately make love together and afterwards to play around with Sashko’s new night vision device. Using the device, Solomya looks at a reproduction of the famous Black Square painting hanging in her room. She notices that the Black Square is shining through the darkness, becoming a radiant black hole, a gloomy premonition! The past, present and future all merge into one another.


CastVitaliy AzhnovAleksandr NovikovIrma VitovskayaAleksey GorbunovMaryna Koshkina
CrewScreenplayDaria OnyshchenkoAnna PalenchukDirectorDaria OnyshchenkoDirector of PhotographyOleksandr Roshchyn
ProductionAnna Palenchuk (UA)Maria Keil (UA)Claudia Lehmann (CH)